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Friday, November 03, 2006

Happy Happy Board Game Love-In Podcast 1

Welcome to my new podcast series...And my new site! So, for an easy mp3 download link, click below to discover all the joy of my Happy Happy world (happiness keeps deep-rooted cynicism at bay!)


Remember, leave feedback here OR e-mail me at hamsteroffury@hotmail.com.


Anonymous Mike A said...

I enjoyed your comments about Monkey Island on your podcast. You mentioned some game authors who could do it, but I think it should be Marcel-André Casasola Merkle, designer of such lovely games as Attika, Attribute, Taluva, Verrater and Meuterer. He has successfully pulled off a range of game mechanics that I think would qualify him for a Monkey Island game. And most of all, he's a MI fan and he deliberately named one of the islands in Meuterer Affeninsel (or Monkey Island).

25/1/07 2:52 pm

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1/1/13 1:06 am


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