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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Happy Happy Board Games Love-In Podcast #2

Episode 2 time! It's just like fightin' clones but with less violence and more boardgame-based ranting. This episode is centred around my "Midcon in particular and gaming conventions in general" survival guide but also includes such popular favourites as.... It should be a game, Second chance, The gaming slag of the week, Games as moviestars, Competition result and various other bits and pieces. SO DOWNLOAD IT NOW!



Anonymous 100%Blade said...

Hope you enjoyed Midcon. I'm a bit surprised you didn't start begging for donations to cover your travel costs.... :)

19/11/06 2:07 pm

Blogger ekted said...

Luke, I laughed my ass off. :)

8/1/07 1:26 am


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