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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Happy Happy Board Game Love-In Podcast #3


It's the difficult third album but I ovrcome it by rambling and generally being boring.
You've been warned!


Blogger nmrosen said...

I have listened to your first three podcasts and enjoyed them for the most part. I am sure that with experiecne your podcasts will only get better. But I do have a request to make on behalf of the eardrums of all of your listeners. Please, pleass stop your attempts at providing your personal "musical" recitals in between the segments of your show. They are at best amateurish and at worst incredibly self-indulgent. More importantly to your listeners, you can't sing, and I suspect you are so tone dead that you can't even hum. Your self composed sound effects are simply an assault on our ears. They are not funny; they are not cute; and they are not acceptible. Silence, even prolonged silence, would be better. Please either find some real music to use, find someone who can provide you with introductions to your segments or almost anything other than what you are doing now.

As long as I am providing you with criticism, which I hope you will regard as constructive criticism and do not take as just a negative ranty, please try harder to more clearly annumciate the names of internet sites or of manufacturers you mention, as your accent is sometimes a bit difficult for American ears to decipher.

I really find the content of your podcasts interesting, sometimes evern compelling, and I want to continue to listen, but if you don't give up the screetching, that will simply not be possible for me to bear.


27/9/07 2:25 am


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